Umetaworld, the new Metaverse created by Daniele Marinelli

At the end of April, during CryptoWorldCon 2022, Daniele Marinelli presented Umetaworld, his new Metaverse to the world.

Based on a very innovative VR technology by current standards, the virtual world of the CEO of DTSocialize is a true duplicate of the real world, where the user can have new immersive experiences.

The digital environment, as promised by the entrepreneur on several occasions, offers many activities that can be undertaken by the user and also provides consumers not only with the best virtual experience of their life, but also respect for the basic requirements, such as privacy.

  1. How to enter Umetaworld: the step by step explanation

Entering Umetaworld is very simple: as explained by Marinelli during CryptoWorldCon 2022, which was followed by more than half a million people, it is enough for any user to create his avatar, a virtual version of the user itself, to be able to participate in the activities of the Metaverse.

In addition to creating his/her avatar that will resemble the real features of the owner, the user can also buy objects to enhance his avatar, such as a pair of shoes or a fashion accessory, and he will also receive the objects he chose at his door, in the real world, to be able to wear them personally.

  1. Trading in Umetaworld: this is how it works

As for the trading aspect, there are good news here too.

The user who intends to use Umetaworld to make an ancillary income, can create, buy and sell his digital assets on the global market.

For example, if the heart of an artist beats inside you or you have always wanted to try to sell your creations to make a profit, in the Metaverse you can design your clothing line or create works of art that you can sell inside of the virtual world to earn real money!

Not only that: you could also make digital financial transactions within Umetaworld, whether it is paying your bills via the private banking system, or buying items, clothes and accessories in the virtual world.

Daniele Marinelli‘s Metaverse also has its own cryptocurrency and using that peolple can conduct financial transactions, buy goods and services, and go to the digital bazaar to buy NFTs and unique physical objects.

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